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The Vetraria Colpani story began in 1928 in the province of Bergamo with the first glass factory of that name, specialized in artistic processes.The initial craft management was soon surpassed by a more extensive organisation. But real growth took place after World War II, with heavy investment in mechanical and electronic equipment, a fast expanding building market and fast, ongoing growth.In the last quarter of the 20th century, Vetraria Colpani innovated again purchasing numerical control machines, expanding its production area, its clients, from the Province of Bergamo to accept orders from all over Italy and abroad. At present, the company employs 50 people over a covered surface of 10 thousand square metres.

Customised glass products have conquered a growing market segment, with the company's glass doors, railings and canopies sold all over the Country; while its insulating and tempered glass products are much requested all over the world, used for curtain walls and commercial structures.

Window fitters, carpenters, glaziers, architects and interior designers have a reliable, expert, top quality partner in Vetreria Colpani, as it places its client at the centre of any project and satisfies any customised processing need.